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Marco Calignano

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Marco Calignano

Marco Calignano, CEO and founder of Calijus, is a young resourceful and creative entrepreneur. Originally from Italy, he moved to Switzerland and then to North America, where he began to intensify and solidify his experience in international business operations. learning from different cultures and perspectives.

Indulging in the motto ''Facta, non verba'', he quickly put his new skills into action in his sector: real estate.

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In the course of his intense last years of business experience, he has demonstrated great capabilities in international business development by focusing on the ecosystem of the business. He plays a key role in this joint value network fundamental to thrive in this rapidly changing environment. Additionally, Marco has used strategies involving designing business architecture, risk matrix, and vendor landscape to ensure the market play can scale up.

Marco’s energy allows CALIJUS to successfully manage its network of organizations (including suppliers, distributors and government agencies, and so on) involved in the delivery of the best result for the investors, creating a constantly evolving relationship in which each entity is a winner. His creativity, deep knowledge of the different international markets and motivation are one of the main pillars of the success of CALIJUS.

His skills create new ways to address fundamental human needs and desires through sustainable business. He is passionate about driving the business to address rising social and environmental challenges, harnessing creativity and innovation to optimize the cost of investment and allow CALIJUS and his partners to sucessfully reach new markets.


Marco Calignano has been selected by Forbes Under 30 among the best youngest leaders of the most innovative startup in North America in 2019 and among the Top 100 Under 30 in 2020.

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