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Toronto, ON and Calgary, AB


This unique project concerns a high energy efficient (up to 90% more energy saving), ecological, healthy and high-end housing and community concept, we work side-by-side with the Italian architecture firm BlueArch Studio. Achieving long-term environmental sustainability and health along with quality and design is one of the main goals of the project. We are able to achieve this goal thanks to our recent experiences, and residential projects, which have been awarded with the Casaclima® Award 2017, with the adoption of the standard “Casaclima -A-” and “Casaclima -A- Nature”. Casaclima® is the Italian National Agency for Energy-Saving Building, now setting the world’s most advanced building standards, which are becoming the most effective and authoritative quality standards in the whole Northern-European region. Finally, the Casaclima® quality standard certifies the entire building for its energy performance (energy saving), for very low management costs, for its environmental sustainability and the health of the residential environment. With our standards, the LEED certification from Canada Green Building Council can be used. Our top certified quality homes are finished and completed in Canada, the custom-made materials come from Italy, are ecological, contain no VOC and are of the highest quality. 

We focus on the integration between constructed environment in constant dialogue with the natural environment and the planned greenery. We believe that a project is not only "beautiful" for its visual characteristics, but also a magnificent and complex design challenge because it requires, for the best results, a multidisciplinary approach between town planning, architecture, landscape, and technology.


We are distinguished because of our passion for a wider concept that involves physical and mental perspectives of the social well-being of all people in a family, all the inhabitants of a house, neighborhood, town and city. We orientate towards all these essential, immutable principles, in the planning of the new settlement. This is only the first step towards integrated urban planning, which puts the overall quality of the constructed environment in constant dialogue with the natural environment and planned greenery; thus, designing the urban environment as if it were a narration, a kind of “fairytale”, told, day by day, to all its residents. 

So, simply reading a piece of a City, with its beautiful houses and neighborhoods, squares, green areas, well designed gardens and unexpected view, inhabited area that speaks to the heart and emotions… must not, in our opinion, be so different than reading a visual story: the exception to the rule and the “formal surprise”, woven into a carefully planned context, can therefore become real added value. 





himara region

This project is a seafront luxury resort located in the south of Albania, perfectly integrating with nature despite its large dimension, as this resort can consist of up to 220 suites. It is currently in the documentation and approval phase. We have worked hardly in order to find the most favourable conditions to start creating this. We have set up all the bases for the project from land selection to management and administration, with Swiss trustees  engaged to follow step by step the operations after the approval. The resort will be set on one of the most beautiful Ionian beaches and follow all the enviromental guidelines as the residential project in Canada, keeping in line with our goals and values and ensuring enviromental sustainability, and guarantee all guests, a soulful stay in connection with nature.




Phuket & boracay regions

This project takes place in Thailand and The Philippines. It is a specific project involving the development of 100 residential houses. Investors receive 10% of the investments on each house every year, for a period of 10 years. After the 10-year period, investors receive an extra 100% return, on top of the previously mentioned royalties; giving them a Return on Investment of 100%. Like the rest of our projects this residential development will ensure environmental sustainability. This project will take a cue from our Canadian residential project, guaranteeing all environmental guidelines  will be met. This however, will not take away from the uniqueness of the project, as we like to make sure every project is tailor fit to the country, and the investor's needs.




Puerto Cayo, Ecuador

This seafront resort is located in the South of Puerto Cayo, Ecuador. This project is in its beginning phase as we have recently purchased 4 hectares of strategic beach-front land. We have set the deadline for this project as December of 2020. After much research and analysis we have concluded that this land is the best fit for this particular project. The purchased land has preserved the raw nature that this beautiful coastal city has to offer, and our distinctive project intends to accent that beauty, while providing guests with the most modern and comfortable experience.

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In a decade as significant as ours, where a suburb usually equates to the boring repetition of an endless stretch of  unhealthy houses without any form of urban creativity, why in spite of there being great families, great people, and great companies, do communities continue to be built in a way that is not faithfully environmental nor faithfully future-oriented as this resourceful society deserve?

Now, with us, community and housing concept will never be the same.



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